Frequently Asked Questions

What types of deals do you source?

We are actively looking for various types of deals but we also have deals brought to us. This means we can't specifiy what deals we will have available at any given time. You can be assured that any deals we secure will be sent to our subscriber list every Thursday at 10am and this is the only place you'll find our deals.


I have requested a certain type of deal, can you let me know when you have one available?

When you sign up to our subscriber list, you will be asked to advise us what kind of investment deals interest you. This is so we can understand our clients better. However, we won't send out specific deals to specific clients - we send all deals out to all clients. We don't source deals for individual clients at this stage.

Are you sourcing deals in my area(s)?

We might be, or we might not be at this time. However, because we often have deals brought to us, we can't say either way whether we will have deals coming up in your specified area(s). The only way to find this information out, is to sign up to our service and keep an eye out for our weekly emails - on Thursday's at 10am.


Do you have any advice on how to become a property sourcer?

We would always recommend getting trained and educated first. We have had training in all areas of our business. We currently provide training services so get in touch! You also need to be legally compliant - you can see details of our company's compliance below.


How do you find and secure Rent 2 Rent deals?

Take a look at the article we have written regarding this, click the link below. We love to help people out, however we are very limited with time, so we would appreciate it if people looked through our website & articles before asking any questions. :)


How did you get into Property Investing?

We have always been passionate about property, but as soon as we started doing training courses and getting educated, we realised we wanted to make a career & business out of it. We haven't looked back! We aim to continue growing our business and the services we offer.